Mary Layton paints stuff. Mostly mythic, fantasy, fairy stuff. Her favourite media are watercolour, pencil, pen & ink, and digital. Over the past couple of years, she has created content for the virtual world Second Life, including in-world homes and furnishings, décor (including virtual canvases of her artwork), items of clothing, and most notably, jewellery. Her Second Life creations can be found in-world at Caledon II, London Mayfair, and at various in-world events, or online at the SL Marketplace.

Mary is also an author and published her first novel in 2015, a paranormal romance titled "Chasing Demons" as M. E. Layton. She lives with her husband in North Carolina.

Tattoo Permision

"It is an honour when people ask to have my art tattooed. A reputable tattoo artist will require a signed release from an artist in order to use their artwork as a basis for your tattoo. I am happy to offer these releases free of charge. Just get in touch with me via the contact page. While I will provide a release for free, please consider purchasing a Tattoo Permission Kit from me. It offers a small compensation to me for the usage rights, and you get a signed, full colour, frame-able, high quality print of the artwork (most web-based images are of low resolution and not a good basis for a quality tattoo). A Tattoo Permission Kit contains everything you need to take to your tattoo artist."

The kit includes:

  • A signed Giclee print of your choice.
  • A black and white copy of the image to assist your tattoo artist with shading.
  • A signed release letter indicating that your tattoo artist has my permission to use the art.
Tattoo Permission Kit
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